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Beverly Chimes, Life Coach, Israel

Beverly Chimes, LCSW, Life Coach

Life Coaching

Creating paradigm shifts and gaining tools to live a purpose filled, gratifying life!

About Beverly

As a Life Coach I have the best job in the world!

I'm deeply passionate about coaching and the transformation that occurs for my clients. 

Each woman I meet has so much to bring to the world, in a way that only she can. Our work together is to free her up so she can show up fully in her world. I provide the space and opportunity for her to explore and clear everything that is holding her back.

I’ve been a professional social worker for 26 years, and 10 years ago attained my life coach credentials

Forest Trees


I just had another incredible coaching session with Beverly.  She is helping me to grow my business and she totally understands fears and my goals. She was able to articulate exactly how I was feeling about a certain issue and she walked me through it until we came up with a great solution, one that I am so happy with. She is a very empathetic coach and doesn't have an agenda that she is trying to force.   If you are looking for excellent business coaching done in a very personable way, contact Beverly.


“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement & the thrill of creative effort”

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