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How To Avoid Burnout
(And recover if you're already there!)

~ Wednesday May 31st
~ 10:00am (Israel Standard Time)
~ Zoom

Burnout feels like deep exhaustion. 

That desire to crawl back under the covers.

Unexpected mood swings.

Procrastinating and taking so much longer to get tasks done.

Not feeling like you and wondering how to get your old optimistic self back.

In this webinar, you will learn
* How burnout happens and
* Clear strategies to heal or prevent it from happening to you.

Presented by Beverly Chimes,
LCSW, Lifecoach

Beverly Chimes is a professional social worker and life coach. 

With her sharp intuition, deep compassion and sprinkling of humor, she facilitates real and lasting change in her clients. 

Beverly Chimes
A woman enjoying Sunset

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Beverly Chimes

LCSW, Life Coach


Phone number: 054-574-0614

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