Slay your Inner Imposter

And get courageous!

Do you wish you had more education And then you’ll really be able to work in your profession?

Do you think that everyone has more experience than you? 

Do you feel like a faker?

Do you wish you felt more confident in what you have to offer? 

Do you cringe when someone asks you what you do?


That’s called IMPOSTER SYNDROME! And it’s holding you back!

In this free webinar you will learn 5 tools to help you:

Honestly recognize your abilities;

Understand your hesitations and

Get concrete tools on overcoming imposter syndrome so you can show up!

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Hi, I'm Beverly!

Beverly Chimes is a professional social worker and life coach.

With her sharp intuition, deep compassion and sprinkling of humor, she facilitates real and lasting change in her clients. 


Date: Wednesday, November 4th

Time: 10 am Israel Standard Time

Zoom link will be sent by email upon registration.

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Beverly Chimes

LCSW, Life Coach

Mail: beverlychimes@gmail.com

Phone number: 054-574-0614

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