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What is Life Coaching?

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Life coaching is about dedicating time to unravel all the thoughts, feelings and beliefs 

that are deeply affecting your daily life and keeping you so stuck.

I share my sharp intuition, deep compassion and a sprinkling of laughter to take my clients through their barriers, frustrations and deep emotional hurt. 

Most of my clients come to me with at least one part of their life feeling so out of control.

They’ve lost their love of life,  have a hard time getting up in the morning and have to push themselves through the day. They can’t remember the last time they enjoyed work or home or both. They may be more irritable or on edge than they used to be and they’ve had enough of living like this!

And that’s where our work begins.

As a life coach, I focus on 3 main areas of a person's life: Connection, Boundaries and Mission.



This involves our relationships.

It starts with our relationship to ourselves, how we speak to ourselves and  where we put ourselves on the priority list. We check out the rules we’ve made or learnt about how someone is meant to operate in the world. If those rules are working for you - great! If they’re not, we look at them with fresh eyes and choose what to keep and what to let go… You really can get to choose!

We’re social people who live in a world with other people. Those relationships can be a source of tremendous joy or tremendous strain and stress. 

In our coaching we alter the stressful, strained relationships as much as possible and make them lighter and easier.

And we schedule time to be with those we just LOVE, who fill you up and leave you smiling.



All our interactions have unspoken rules. Boundaries have a huge impact on us. It’s how available we think we need to be for others.  We could be talking about a family member that you feel is being “demanding” or work relationships that are too taxing. By changing the way we view our obligations, we are freed up to have more positive interactions and be making more choices. Of course we do this while being completely aligned with our values. 

Each of us can choose how and when to be involved with another person. So many of my clients don’t believe that they have any choice in these situations and when we work it through, they are amazed at the amount of choice and decision making power they actually have. 



When you don’t know what you’re really getting up for in the morning, life gets boring and feels like a chore. I work with women to get super clear on their why.

I believe that we each have a deep and meaningful contribution to make in this world.

In coaching sessions, I speak with a client about her brightest dreams and the most meaningful action she can take. I watch women come alive in front of my eyes!

She becomes clear on who she is here to serve and the impact she can have.  At once her mission becomes so clear and exciting! And then her eyes sparkle and she is filled with hope, energy, connection and value. She’s inspired and inspiring.

 That’s the power of being connected to your mission. 

Through coaching we build a balanced, purposeful and joy-filled life!

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