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Confident Woman

There's something important you're bringing to the world. It's not just about what you do, it's about how you show up.

And when you're ready to create more impact, that means prioritising your wellbeing, so you can show up with more awareness, more focus, and more joy.


  • First, you'll talk. I'll listen to what you're saying, without judgement. Together, we'll begin to make sense of your experiences and themes that emerge.

  • We'll weave in new tools that empower you to deal with your situation in a fresh and easy way.

  • And through the coaching process, you'll learn how to master your emotional wellbeing, breathe easier, and increase your impact.

Professional Female

With leadership coaching, you'll learn the skills that bring balance, confidence, and insight into your own life - and into everything you do.


​Every week, we'll meet for a coaching session that will bring you clarity and direction.

  • 1 hour session per week (in person / Zoom)

  • WhatsApp support between sessions

  • 2000 NIS per month 

  • 5-month coaching process

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