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Wondering why you're STILL stuck?

That cycle of Compare and Despair can suck all the confidence out of you.

You look at that person doing what you’re just not managing to do yet,

Or doing it better than you think you are.

And you keep comparing yourself.

She does this better. And that better. In fact, you think she does so many things better than you.

And you feel so small, and so not able.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about running your business, upleveling at work, running your home or parenting your children.

It’s the voice of the internal imposter constantly telling you and proving to you that your way is just not good enough. That you don’t make the grade.

And you’ve heard it so many times before that you don’t even question it.

Just take it in as if it’s absolute FACT.

But it’s not.

And you think it’s your internal voice of truth, but it’s not. It’s the most scared, small, terrified piece of you.

It’s time to UN-BUY the lies and discouragement that voice is feeding you.

Remember when you first began in this part of your life?

Remember how the smallest task seemed so big? So confusing? So not simple to accomplish?

But you kept showing up, and you kept doing what you could, attempting the next step, putting it out there.

And sometimes you got it wrong. BUT SO MANY TIMES YOU GOT IT RIGHT!

And your confidence grew and it became easier.

Maybe not in a day, but over time.

Think of all those aspects of that one situation.

Producing your third product.

Seeing your fifth client.

Preparing that business analysis.

Disciplining a child.

Clearing the laundry baskets.

Connecting with someone you love.

And remember the feeling that you felt,

That deep satisfaction and pride.

And YOU had grown those skills and the internal reaction was incredible.

Pride, accomplishment, confidence.

Standing taller, breathing easier! Feeling alive!

And you can repeat this strategy of success over and over again.

You can get comfortable today or tomorrow with something you’ve not yet mastered.

You can learn.

You can grow.

You can become.

You can do this through controlling those run away thoughts.

You can catch that negative track that’s on repeat.

You can tune in to your real voice, your real dreams, your real ability.

And you can accomplish so much!

So begin today, by counting the successes. Remembering them in so much detail, and knowing that you can show up today and take 1 small step!

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