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5 Lies You're Believing
That are propelling you to Burnout

~ Monday, April 1st 2024
~ 10:00am (Israel Standard Time)
~ Zoom

You're doing it all.

You have big ambitions.

You barely stop to catch your breath.

You're exhausted.

And you can't imagine keeping this up forever.

Join us for this webinar and you will learn
* 5 lies you're believing that are propelling you to burnout. 
* Clear strategies to counteract these lies so that you can make the impact you desire with your well-being in tact.

Presented by Beverly Chimes,
LCSW, Lifecoach

Beverly Chimes is a professional social worker and life coach. 

With her sharp intuition, deep compassion and sprinkling of humor, she facilitates real and lasting change in her clients. 

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Beverly Chimes

LCSW, Life Coach


Phone number: 054-574-0614

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