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A friend of mine has super clear, pretty non-negotiable boundaries. Some people see her as rigid. I admire it so much - she makes sure to get what she needs so she can show up fully.

So many people have fuzzy boundaries around the issue that feels so heavy and out of control for them. They’re so weighed down that they don’t know how to fix it or feel guilty and then try to “be there” 24/7.

I think back to when we had a colicky baby. That baby was screaming and screaming and screaming. The baby was fed, and changed and clean. And the baby was still screaming.

And I just needed to hand that baby over to someone else for a while. So I could breathe, go to the bathroom, eat something, maybe even have a cup of coffee or a shower. And then I could come back and start again.

It’s almost impossible to hold a screaming baby alone for months! It’s just too much and a person needs a break in order to keep functioning.

And we all do. And boundaries is one skill that can help us get our space, catch our breath. To know when we need to be involved and when we can take our space is a gift!

So that thing in your life that feels so heavy and out of control, Are you clear about your boundaries around it? Where it ends and you begin?

If it seems confusing or just so complex, let’s talk and see how we can get you your space and from there you can work out so much more!


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