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Find your joy.

So many people are talking to me about feeling so B.O.R.E.D and unfulfilled!

There's always stuff to do and get done, that's not what I'm talking about - I'm talking about the type of day that puts a spring in your step.

But a lot has happened this year. We can analyse it forever but the bottom line is that for many, our lives are changed. There are still many restrictions and many of us have not been able to get back to our full lives.

People are doing less fulfilling things than they used to. Some stuff has just not restarted. Some people are more house bound. Some are disconnected from their fun, fulfillment and passion that used to drive their lives. And no-one is coming to fix it for you.

I was feeling pretty low and deflated and decided that it's time to look at what's really missing and somehow find it again. Somehow create that joy and passion that I usually have.

I love people and am super filled up through human interactions. And so I decided to get in touch with some women entrepreneurs, find out about them and connect. Cos I thrive on connection. I reached out, was met with friendly responses and had some fun, online coffee dates.

Each one left me feeling connected and that bit more alive. And I plan to continue meeting with my accountability groups, like minded colleagues and new people I don't yet know.

Because it's up to me to make my happy. No-one else's job, just mine!

So , I extend the challenge to you: What's missing in your life and how are you going to fill that space in the most positive, healthy way possible?

Can't wait to hear your answers! LeChaim!


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